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Red Country - Joe Abercrombie Epic. Abercrombie continues to defy my attempts at labelling. Swords and Snarkery is the best I can do. Man, is he good at snark.

I've got nothing new to say - it's a Western set in the First Law world, complete with settlement treks and cattle drives and dust and gold rushes and daggers. And the snark, oh it is a thing of great beauty.

Starring quite a few new, well-developed characters, and some we knew and one we LOVE, Red Country tells a story of hardship and companionship and mercenary self-interest and survival.

It doesn't surpass The Heroes, but I don't think anything ever will. And I did have some issues with Abercrombie's trademark POV writing - Shy has really, REALLY bad grammar, to the point where I had to read sentences three or four times before they made sense. And I hated Nicomo Cosca in this, which I guess was the point.

All in all, a solid installment in what has been one of my favourite fantasy series since I first read The Blade Itself.