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Freakangels, Volume 1 - Warren Ellis, Paul Duffield Hmmmm, I love me my post-apocalypse. Especially in London. I see people have been meh-ing about the concept, and I will admit that it isn't entirely new, but I do like the idea that even though we have this group of super-empowered ninja telepaths looking after the "normal" people, they're actually quite believable people. Their extreme sense of responsibility doesn't start making sense until it's hinted that they were in some way responsible for the current state of the world, but once it does, the Freakangels become easier to relate to.

Most of the first 40 episodes serve as exposition, but I don't mind because the artwork is fabulous and I love all the little things. Kirk keeping a sleepless lookout. Karl growing strawberries. Kady, reminding me so much of Sandman's Delirium (don't ask me why!). I love this series.
Nice one, Mr Ellis!