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I, Lucifer - Glen Duncan Page 6 and the book just described a majestic trajectory across the room. The concept has so much promise but I don't think I can go on reading a book narrated by such a blatant asshole. He dishes out homophobia nice and early on page 1 (ONE!)* and a yummy side of misogyny on page 4** and then goes on to boast about how successful he is at tempting men into SEXUALLY ABUSING CHILDREN (ha ha ha so funny!) on page 6... Wait, I'm just going to check the book again because I can't quite believe--no, I'm not halucinating. THIS HAPPENED. On page 6.

Look, I get that Lucifer isn't meant to be nice. The Lightbringer's not, historically speaking, a gentleman. However. HOWEVER!

...no, I can't. I need to go lie down.

* Boasting that he invented anal sex, "of course". OF COURSE.
** Gratuitous use of that word is never, ever cool. I don't care that he's the devil. Please refer to
The Book of Joby or see The Sandman, Vol. 4: Season of Mists for better examples.