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The Reality Dysfunction - Peter F. Hamilton I'm on page 450 and I don't know if I can finish this one. So far we've had:

- Humans biologically bonded to technology: Because I can't wait for my own neural link into the internets.
- Space colonisation programme, settlers, frontiers, etc. = I always enjoy this sort of thing.

Not so awesome:
The protagonist is a tremendous Gary Stu: not only do his adventures all turn out all right, he also ALWAYS gets the girl. He's handsome! In a roguish way! And as soon as he smiles at any female in the vicinity, sexy times are guaranteed!

We've already had rape, torture, general exploitation, and mysogyny. And I'm not even half-way through.

The plots so far: Joshua has found an artifact that may hold the key to the self-destruction of an entire alien civilisation! What might it be? The most wanted man in the universe (and a bunch of satanists) are possessed by strange energy things from the dungeon another dimension! What might they be? Dr Mzu is trying to get away from Tranquility, probably to go looking for the Alchemist! Where might it be? Currently, Styrinx is somewhere buying seafood. (Includes whale watching! And sexy times!) Joshua is on Lalonde buying wood! (No sexy times yet but it can only be a matter of time!)

Abandon suspension of disbelief: Humans have colonised space, have bitek, and whatever, but can only get through the jungle on Lalonde on HORSES, and they can't travel upriver faster than by STEAMBOAT because not only aren't they allowed proper tech on the settlement planet, no, they also don't have transports that can take their soldiers WITH their horses upriver. Everyone knows something really BAD is happening in the Quallheim and yet the army takes a BOAT to get there, which takes a week, minimum. No. Just no.

I really want to find out how it all comes together in the end. But so far I'm not invested in any of the characters and I can never read more than a couple of chapters before the book flies. Think I'll give this a miss.