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Iron Jackal - Chris Wooding This series is just getting better. Yes, the Firefly comparisons are still justified; yes, there's still a bit too much navel-gazing for my taste, but other than that, I enjoyed this one HUGELY. Let's see...

The Awesome
- Jez losing her shit and shredding an entire legion of Sammies. HELL YEAH BABY! Kick ass. (The little Harkins/Malvery scene there, when she first explodes past Harkins' face = comedy gold.)
- Bess is the most lovable destroyer of life. I like that she's a bit more independent of Crake now, at least when it comes to tearing human beings in half. Golem or not, I'd like her on my side in any fight, please.
- SamandraBreeSMASH! Heh.

The Good
- No more exposition by flashback, which I found a bit tedious in Black Lung Captain.
- Great story. It takes you by the hand and starts running so fast your feet don't even touch the ground.
- A whole bunch of really, really likeable characters. (Hence the (entirely justified) Firefly comparisons everywhere.) There's not a single person on the Ketty Jay's crew I don't like or don't care about. A rare and precious thing.

The Bad
- Too. Much. Angst. I mean, I like that we get to see Frey conflicted about putting his crew in danger to save his own arse, but there was just too damn much navel-gazing, doubting and fretting and-- JUST GET ON WITH IT THEY'VE JUST TOLD YOU IT'S COOL. Seriously.
- Some of the action sequences were too long. I haven't got the book to hand, but I think Frey spends about 5 pages running from the daemon at one stage. Tl;dr, because no one can hold their breath that long.
- Also, Jez's introspection/trance chapters were...boring? Superfluous, to say the least.

4.5 stars because this is an immensely enjoyable read, even producing a few snortgiggles, and engaging enough to make the daily commute a breeze. More, please, Mr Wooding.