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The Wise Man's Fear - Patrick Rothfuss This was wonderful. If I could have given 4.5 stars I would have, seeing as I had to niggle a little bit (see below), but all in all, Wise Man's Fear absolutely lived up to the insane expectations I had following The Name of the Wind. The writing is still amazing. Kvothe still just about manages to balance his slightly* annoying big-headedness with a (admittedly small) dosage of humility (necessitated by the amazing-and-elusive-as-ever Denna), and the chapters at the University are still my favourite ones (those, and the interludes). Anyone who didn't whoop when the Ambrose Plan became clear hasn't got a heart.

As usual, I won't re-hash the plot here. I'll just note a few things:

I agree with pretty much everyone else that this second installment of Kvothe's life story would've benefited from leaving a few chapters in the recycle bin - surely Kvothe could've learned to be world's greatest lover without the tiresome Felurian episode? MAN, WAS THAT BORING. I can see that, as part of his legend, he had to meet her and escape her, and the shadow cloak is a nice thing, of course, but still, that entire chapter was hugely annoying.

I admit to giggling a bit when it turned out that the Adem are into martial arts, and it was satisfying that here was a skill Kvothe didn't pick up in under two minutes.** However, his stay in Ademre was another episode that I felt was a bit long.

Other than that, loved this. LOVED it. More, please, Pat.

* Coming to think of it, there's nothing 'slightly' about it. Dude is full of himself. He harps (heh, see what I did there?) on and on about how amazing he is at playing music and sexxing up teh womenz.

** In fact, he gets his ass kicked by a ten-yearl-old girl. About time.