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For the Win - Cory Doctorow Another fascinating economics lesson from Cory Doctorow. As a gamer, I enjoyed FTW because I understand (and love) MMORPGs. As someone who knows next to NOTHING about economics and particularly the socio-political situation in south east Asia, I felt decidedly...uneducated, even naive, throughout most of the book, especially as it's supposedly aimed at an audience much younger than me.

Doctorow doesn't write character stories, he writes about how certain bits of the world work, and how they might work differently if we walked down the other leg of the trousers of time.

Like Little Brother and Makers, FTW is well-written, never boring, and food for thought. Cory's beliefs in open source, Creative Commons, and human rights always shine through in his stories, and his knack for explaining difficult concepts, like virtual economics, is next to none.

Highly recommended, and not just for gamers. :)