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Infected (Infected, #1) - Scott Sigler Progress comments: Brrrr, gross. While I'm all for aliens and First Contact and hostile invasions (if that's what this is), and I don't mind violence per se (see my review of [b:The Skinner|8445156|The Skinner (Spatterjay, #1)|Neal Asher|http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51vI9sCZQHL._SL75_.jpg|1757149], for example), I think the splattergore of Infected is often gratuitous and, in many places, superfluous. But I will persevere - I'm almost through and I want to see if the origin of the spores is explained. And I hope Perry dies soon - ye gods but he's annoying. I know it's not his fault, what with his neurotransmitters all exploded, but dude...enough already. Either somebody needs to 'cure' him, real quick, or he needs to die. At this point, I don't think I'll have any sympathy for him.

ETA: Finally, it's DONE. No, this really didn't work for me. The characters didn't, the POV didn't, the lack of explanation didn't, and what annoyed me most of all was the [SPOILER ALERT] total lack of remorse exhibited by Perry after he's ostensibly become himself again. I don't know if this was lazy writing or if it had a purpose but it shredded the last remaining sympathy I might have had for this arsehole of a protagonist.