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The Jennifer Morgue - Charles Stross Bob and Mo are back, once again fighting foes that normal people can only hope never to meet, or, Cthulhu forfend, antagonise. Stross's Laundry and the reasons for its existence are such a treat - the premise that magic is done with maths and physics is never going to get old for me.

I didn't quite enjoy this as much as I did 'The Atrocity Archives', though, mainly because I felt the supporting cast of characters wasn't quite as engaging this time. I couldn't relate to Ramona (which maybe isn't a surprise, considering what she is) and I felt the book needed moar Angleton. Plus, the idea that Mo, who hasn't been in the Laundry all that long, is suddenly a super-trained, ueber-cool agent didn't quite fit.

On the other hand, the James Bond Hero geas? Is an AWESOME idea. The more I learned about its machinations, the more fun I got out of it. And so in the end, Mo's role and development was necessary and made sense, I just didn't find it quite believable enough.

Oh, but the best bit about the edition I read? Was the inclusion of the short story 'Pimpf'. Maybe it's because I'm a gamer, and I have, in fact, played Neverwinter Nights, but I really, really enjoyed that story.

All in all, a good, very quick read, but not as satisfying as 'The Atrocity Archives'.