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The Book of Joby - Mark J. Ferrari This was sooo much fun. The premise was promising (God and Lucifer making a wager which could lead to the destruction of the entire creation), the execution brilliant: We experience the trials and tribulations of a normal child (later teenager, and grown man) who is the subject of a tug-of-war between Good and Evil.

Joby is one of the most likeable, sympathetic characters I've ever encountered - I found myself rooting for him from the very beginning, and feeling wretchedly sorry for him when things went belly-up for him again, and again, and again. For me, it's a mark of how well developed the characters are that the one quibble I had with this book wasn't with the author, but with God and Lucifer themselves for inflicting such pain on this boy!

A fabulous read. Painful in places, but ultimately leaves you with a warm glow and happy smile.