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The Twilight Herald - Tom Lloyd Enjoyable! An improvement on the first one in the series in that, while still jumping around between characters and plot lines a lot, it's not quite as disjointed as Stormcaller.

Something dark is brewing in the city of Scree - players from all over the Land seem to be drawn to it: a plotting necromancer, an abbot in hiding, a king seeking revenge, and a surprisingly human vampire, to name just a few. The mood is tense, the sequence of events is convincing, and the battles are suitably bloody.

If I have one quibble it's that, barely a month after finishing it, I can't remember how the story unfolded - there was just too much happening, too many characters demanding attention. I'm sitting here trying to remember the ending and failing miserably. May have to skim the book again before I embark on Grave Thief, which I will definitely pick up.