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Deadhouse Gates - Steven Erikson This was an excellent read but I found it much harder than Gardens of the Moon. I didn't think it was going to be possible to write an even more dense plot, but Erikson did, oh boy, did he ever. I won't even attempt a summary here. Just some points that stuck with me the most:

I still love the world-building very very much, especially the mythology.

Kalam is one of my favourite characters, and reading about his exploits was hugely enjoyable.

The Mappo Trell and Icarium story-line and the history of their friendship is wonderfully written, the hints dropped sparingly and cleverly, and the reveals always kind of anticipated, but never with any certainty, so that the 'Saw that coming a mile off' eye-roll didn't occur. I really really liked these two, and I hope there's more of them in the other books in the series. And a resolution, please, Mr Erikson?

Unfortunately I couldn't relate to Felisin - her character became too bitter, too harsh too quickly, and I felt so very sorry for Heboric and Baudin that I had to start skimming her chapters rather than reading them properly.

Epic Chain of Dogs is epic. I love me my battlefield heroes and epic journeys, and this one was a nail-biter.

Good one, this. I'm about to embark on Memories of Ice, with great hopes for further greatness.