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Fell Vol. 1: Feral City - Warren Ellis, Ben Templesmith And thus Mr Ellis is redeemed, at least in this humble reader's opinion. (I didn't like Crooked Little Vein.) This was my first graphic novel by the man, and I will buying my local comic shop bare of anything else in this series. Feral City lives up to its name triumphantly. Crime abounds in Snowtown, shady characters inhabit the scenes, and the panels exude a darkness and a grittyness that make you glad you're not there.

(It's certainly one of the *darkest* books I've ever read - there isn't much light in the city, and what little light there is usually illuminates gruesome-ness.)

Fell's character is immediately likeable - he's got all the makings of the epitomised Good Cop, but we also see hints of his past, of mistakes he's made (though we don't know exactly what happened) and of what the immediate consequences look like (his transfer to creepy Snowtown). He fights crime in a place where the very few remaining coppers have mostly given up on hope and on making a difference.

The scenes are short and to the point, a series of crimes and Fell's attempt at solving them while trying to get used to life in Snowtown. The artwork is fabulous. I couldn't put this book down, and I was sad when I ran out of pages. Muchly recommended.