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Newton's Wake: A Space Opera - Ken MacLeod Ended up with only 3 stars because it starts to drag around the half-way mark. I hugely enjoyed the beginning, I liked the concept and the posthuman history - I like having me my post-singularity explained and shown in sprinkled detail.

But once the Lamont plot strand kick in, I'd have wished for a more speedy execution. Everything just seems to take too long - a sign that I'm getting impatient and not being invested enough in the story.

I couldn't bring myself to enjoy the Ben-Ami/Winter/Calder storyline because I thought most of it superfluous. I'm sure the political and socio-cultural situation and the disparity in world view between Euridicans and the rest of the known universe could have been shown in a more concise way, and without song lyrics.

I couldn't connect with Lucinda Carlyle or any of the characters in the entire book, and I felt that the Carlyles didn't have any of the values I associate with being human. Which is what "post-human" means, I suppose. No matter, it's an okay book, and I would definitely recommend it to MacLeod fans.