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Crooked Little Vein - Warren Ellis Man I'm so disappointed with this book. It starts off wonderfully, dare I say, Hammett-y - I can never resist a washed-out, bitingly cynical detective, especially one that does daily battle with a rat.

We meet Mike McGill when his latest client shows up and gives him an awesome case (find the *real* constitution of the USA) and an awesome expense account, and Mike McGill's off into what would be an adventure, if Ellis hadn't chosen to then turn the book into a collection of "weird shit I found on the internet". There is no reason for the inclusion of so *many* deviants, *and* a mass murderer, *and* child porn, *and* testicular injections, *and* eels in vaginas, *and*... I've forgotten the rest, because it became so damned tedious. Give me Godzilla bukkake any time, but everything else was just showing off.

Which is a shame, because the protagonists were fun to read and the case would have made for a much, much better plot. Very disappointing.