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Watchmen - Dave Gibbons, John Higgins, Alan Moore I bought this based purely on the strength of the endorsement of teh internets. I was not disappointed. We have suitably flawed superheroes, neatly parcelled flashbacks in prose, an entire meta-thread on current and past goings-on (the news stand - I found this very confusing at first but it gets easier) and, of course, Rorschach. You can never have enough Rorschach.

We have a crime, and then another one, and accusations and suspicions, and then some. And the twist is exquisite. (Or was it just me who didn't see that coming...)

Anyway, if you like your graphic novel dark and cynical and funny and crammed full of plots, sub-plots, side-plots, meta-plots, excellent dialogue and fabulous art... then this is the book for you!